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Reel Rookie

Problem : Account does not match

I can't modify channels or access the channel store from my iPhone application. 

I get the following error :

Account does not match

You are logged in as "my correct email" which is not the account for Roku streambar. Please sign in to complete this operation. 

More info :

- I'm 100% using the correct email 

- This problem occurs with all four (4) of my Roku devices. 

- Besides this problematic, my devices work perfectly. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Reel Rookie

Re: Problem : Account does not match

The problem was resolved by removing and reinstalling the application on my phone! 

Please Roku, make it possible to move (organize) channels on the app. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Problem : Account does not match


When you are inside the mobile app, the Channels/apps under both the Home Screen (Recent Channels section) and under the Remote tab (Channels section), are organized in the same manner as they are organized on the connected Roku device Home Screen.

If you want to display them in a different order on your mobile app, you will  need to move them on the Roku device Home Screen to your preferred layout. (highlight the channel, press * button on your remote, and select Move Channel).  You can do the above by either using the physical Roku remote or using the Remote feature of the mobile app.

If you go to the Devices Tab, you should see the options for Remote, Channels, and Media.  If you select the Channels icon, you should see here a mirror image of your Roku device Home Screen layout.

After you finish configuring your Home Screen Channel/app layout to your preferred ordered method, the mobile app should now reflect this.  You may have to restart the app or "forget this device" under the Devices tab and then just reconnect to see the app reflect your changes.  

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Reel Rookie

Re: Problem : Account does not match


It would be nice and much faster if we could simply move channels around in the app like we do on our iPhone with Edit Home Screen (accessible by pressing on any app).

Hope Roku can make this happen in the future. 

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