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My Roku device connects to the Internet but I cannot go any further

I am having a problem getting my Roku set up on my Samsung television
Optimum is my cable/Wi-Fi provider. 
My Roku box is Roku Express SKU# 3930.
The modem and router are located in my dining room which is at the front of my house.
The television I am hooking my Roku box up to is in my bedroom at the back of the house on the same floor. 
The television I am using is a flat screen Samsung TV. It is not a smart TV. 
I don't know how old the TV is as it was given to me by my aunt about 7 years ago without a specific remote for that television. Let's assume it is at least 10 years old.
I use my Optimum cable remote to navigate around to watch cable TV channels.
I have the HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI port on the back of my television and the other end  plugged into the Roku box. I have the USB port connected to the Roku box with the other end plugged into a wall socket. I get a picture with the word ROKU loading. Once it finishes, it asks me to select my internet provider which is optimumwifi.
I select Optimum Wi-Fi as my provider.
I then get a box saying Checking...
I get two options that pop up. Wireless Connection and Internet Connection.
The Wireless Connection gets a green check and then I get a message saying we need more help from you. 1) Are you in a hotel room or dorm? or 2) Are you at home?
I click on I am at home and my device goes back to the previous window.
I quickly get green checks for Wireless Connection and Internet Connection. 
Beneath these two green checked items is a box that says Cancel.

This is as far as I get as the screen freezes and I cannot go forward.
I can circle back and I can also start over again, but it plays out the same way each time.
I should state that the light on my Roku box is purple not red. It does flash on and off at times but it stays purple.

I do notice that optimumwifi is the only option that does not have a padlock symbol.
optimumwifi_Passpoint is an option. When I click on that it takes me to a window that says to enter my password. 
I tried entering my Optimum password but it does not work because I assume I do not have optimumwifi_Passpoint.
Do I need to contact Optimum and sin up for optimumwifi_Passpoint?

What am I doing wrong?

Is the problem that my Roku box is too far from my router? I have 200MB of Wi-Fi with Optimum..
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Re: My Roku device connects to the Internet but I cannot go any further


Normally you only choose the cable provider/internet provider when you are trying to setup a subscription that requires cable or satellite provider in order to use a subscription service on your Roku device.

You do not need to perform this step in the "setup" of the Roku device.  Roku does not care who your internet provider is.  Roku merely performs a check to see if internet access is present. (We may be able to get your cable to play through the Roku device later, but currently just need to get Roku setup first - two different setups).

From the above, looks like you may just be having a little confusion in the above during the initial setup of your Roku device.  However, Roku asking you for Home or Hotel/Dorm is meaning Roku is having a little difficulty with your setup.  The fact that the router is so far away could be playing into the equation but lets do something simple before doing a Factory Reset and trying again or using a mobile hotspot to setup the Roku device.


Restart both your Roku device and your Router.  When the Roku reboots, go to Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Network Connection Reset/Reset Connection

Your Roku will once again reboot automatically.  When the Roku boots back up, go to Settings/Network/Setup Connection/Wireless and enter your Wifi credentials. (These are the ones that you use to connect any computer or device to your network).  Do not use your cable credentials unless they are the same.  Use the wifi credentials.

Once it performs the network test (like it did before), see if you can launch the Roku Channel (probably installed already on the Home Screen).


If the above does not work, post back and will try an alternate way to setup network. Make a note of any error messages you see on screen (should be some numbers and a message). 

Just as a potential option, do you have a mobile hotspot available to you (on phone perhaps)?



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Re: My Roku device connects to the Internet but I cannot go any further

Here's what I would do given your circumstances:

Take the "problem" Roku to the other set where your first Roku set up without a hitch.  Swap the "problem" Roku in place of the "good" Roku and see if it will complete the setup.  If it does, then take it back to its original location and see if it continues to work after being set up.

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