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Factory reset before giving older ultra to a friend. Question of when?

I bought a new Ultra specifically for the rechargeable remote. I want to give the older Ultra to a friend. If I do a factory reset on the older Ultra before disconnecting it, will that cause problems in my account when I hook up the newer Ultra? Or will all my channels still transfer when I install new Ultra after resetting the old one? 

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Re: Factory reset before giving older ultra to a friend. Question of when?


All your channels/apps are tied to your Roku account so it does not matter the order of when you Factory Reset the Ultra device.  Just make sure you use the same Roku account (same email address) when you set up your new Ultra and all your channels/apps will transfer over.

After you Factory reset the Ultra you are giving away, also make sure you go to your online account dashboard at and "unlink" that particular Ultra from your account. (Just an extra step that helps to protect your account).

Personally, I would set up the new Ultra first and make sure it is working before I would Factory Reset and give away my old one.

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