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Design of TV and hdmi location do not allow me to connect player

Have 3 HDMIs on TV, two both on the side being utilized one with my tv cable hookup and the other with my blueray player which I use frequently. The third position which oddly is called HDMI 1 is in such a position that the thickness of cords and their inflexibility don't allow me to move either of these 2. And the design of the TV sticks out as it approaches the base and does not allow me to fit the ROKU stick into it.

I've ordered the free extension cord as per the documentation. And I know you can actually see the TV but do you think the extender will allow me to connect it?

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Re: Design of TV and hdmi location do not allow me to connect player

Maybe?  Can you stick your other devices into it, or is it completely useless for anything?  If the former, then the extender, or any Roku non-stick model should work as well as any other thing you stick in there.  (Or after confirming that one of the other device/cables works – maybe just leave it there – at least for now.)

BTW, you can also find right-angle HDMI plugs on places like Amazon – just be sure to get one that angles in the direction you need.