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Intermittent Popping Sound using Roku Wireless Speaker

I have a 65" TCL Roku Model 65S423 with Roku Wireless speakers model 9030X and have similar issues reported in Roku Forums with popping sounds. Ever so often, sometime minutes apart or hours apart, regardless of what I am watching, wether it is OTA or every app I use my Roku, it will make a popping noise, volume decreases for a split second and then it goes right back to normal. I will bypass listing every app I use. This issue has occurred since I purchased the speakers Christmas time 2018 and I don't remember software version on my TV then (I'm old), but I am currently using version 9.2.6 and the issue persists through each update thus far.

I did spend a few moments searching this forum trying to find some other user with the exact same issue using wireless speakers, but all I came across referring to popping sounds pertained to wired external Speakers/Sound Systems. Hopefully knowing issue can be attributed to both wired and wireless, Roku branded or various other manufacturers alike can shed light on this and help narrow down the source and create a solution since not just limited to wired connections IMHO.

Thank you

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