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Channel Surfer

Roku Feed Validation (JSON 2.0) Example Needed

Is there a simple, working Roku Feed Validation (JSON 2.0) example out there to look at? I have seen the documentation to create the file, but not one working example. This always frustrates me when a simple example can save tons of time (I know not one example will work for everyone).

I keep getting an error from the Roku submission validator team/autobot - "The following errors and/or warnings were encountered:
no assets downloaded"

I am not sure if my regular JSON that plays the video (working) is the same file I use with the additional info for things like PlayOption/playId, etc.
OR is this an extra file than my content file that I need to submit. 

Also, is there an actual section in the JSON with a heading called "assets"? 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Binge Watcher

Re: Roku Feed Validation (JSON 2.0) Example Needed

Has anybody found an answer to this issue? I've been in contact with Roku support for over a month and nobody can tell me how to fix my feed.

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Re: Roku Feed Validation (JSON 2.0) Example Needed

Did you ever get an answer to your feed validation issue of No Assets Downloaded? I have been reaching out to ROKU and Vimeo and can not get an actual response to the question at all. 

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