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NowTV stick and Roku App

Hi everyone,

I use NowTV Sticks, and I know they’re not Roku devices as such, however my question relates to the app also. 

I have two devices and I use the app to control them from time to time, however they’re both listed in the app as generic names and it’s hard to keep track of which is which so I wanted to ad a name to the devices based on the room they’re in but need to sign in to do this. 

I have a Roku account and sign in but the app tells me that the details aren’t the same as on my device (Presumably because it’s a NowTV stick is signs in differently.)

Has anyone else come across this and fixed it or have any ideas how I might use this? 


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Re: NowTV stick and Roku App

Facing the same issue, did you solve!? I imagine nowtv has registered all the devices somehow, but that's a total guess.

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