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Level 7

Can I go back to the old ROKU app?

On Android, I have to hit an extra selection to get to the remote control. Also many of the remote api buttons are smaller and difficult for me to use.


Also, why not have an option to have the app open on the remote page and restore the previous format?

Then please reassign whoever came up with the lagest API changes. 

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Level 7

Re: Can I go back to the old ROKU app?

i just install the old app  with a roku apk file ( to download )

1 go to apkpure here's a link and download the apk

2 go to settings

3 go to biometrics and security

4 go to install unknown apps

5 scroll down to myfiles  and turn on allow from this source

6 go to myfiles and find the apk file and install it (you have to uninstall the current app frist

if you need extra help you can find a video online to walk you through it (installing apk files)

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