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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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Roku 2400X Can I sell it?

I would like to give away, donate or sell my old Roku 2400X.  But I don't want all my channels and history to go with it.  If I factory "Reset" it will it still work seeing as how it is older? Its not working that great for me with some channels such as Hulu no longer being supported.  As long as I deactivate it from my account, can someone else activate it via the serial number?

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Level 16

Re: Roku 2400X Can I sell it?

It's not worth anything. Just factory reset it and either throw it out or see if there is electronics recycling that will take it for free. Also, go to and remove it from your list of active devices.

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Level 11

Re: Roku 2400X Can I sell it?

I gave away my old second generation Roku on a local Freecycle board. It doesn’t support a lot of things but it will support a single Netflix profile and the YouTube app. I think it can also run the Roku Media Player to stream video from a file server. 

It can also play audio like Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon Music.

I made it clear the limits of the unit when giving it away. The person who took it said she put it in her sewing room on a small TV to have background noise.

Also, the older units support composite out to work on old CRT TVs if you have the cable.

Its still useful. You may be able to get $5 or $10 for it. But someone can put it to use.

Do a full erase before handing it over. It will recover and be allowed to activate.

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