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Reel Rookie

Roku website keeps logging me out

Can someone at Roku please fix the Roku direct developers website so that it does not log me out after about 5 minutes of inactivity?

And yes I have checked the "Keep me logged in" option, of course......

The Roku website is the only site that I have this issue on so I am seriously doubting it is a browser issue.  Neither Safari or Firefox will maintain a login which also indicates it is a Roku website issue.

With the new Roku website redesign I now have significantly more steps to go through just to get back to where I was when I went away to do a bit of research, etc.

This problem is truly a deterrence to productivity.

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku website keeps logging me out

Months later and I'm still having this problem.  Super annoying while trying to work on a channel. - This Week in Tech
Streaming Star

Re: Roku website keeps logging me out

my other fav feature is the HTML error you get every time you try to post to this forum. 

"Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied."


Re: Roku website keeps logging me out

I understand your frustration with the Roku developer website logging you out after a short period of inactivity. However, I'm just a text-based AI and cannot directly communicate with Roku support or make changes to their website. To address this issue, you should follow these steps:

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache: Sometimes, issues with automatic logouts can be related to browser cookies or cache. Try clearing your browser's cookies and cache, and then log in again to see if the issue persists.

Check Browser Settings: Ensure that your browser settings are not configured to automatically clear cookies or log you out after a certain period of inactivity.

Contact Roku Support: If the problem continues, it's a good idea to contact Roku support directly. You can visit the Roku Support website to find contact information or submit a support ticket explaining the issue you're facing. They should be able to assist you with technical problems on their website.

Provide Detailed Information: When you contact Roku support, be sure to provide them with as much detail as possible about the issue. Mention that you are experiencing frequent logouts after a short period of inactivity on their developer website.

Consider Using a Different Browser: If the problem persists in one browser, try using a different one to see if the issue is browser-specific.

Roku's support team should be able to investigate the issue further and assist you in resolving it. Remember to be patient and provide them with all the necessary information to help them understand and address your problem effectively.

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