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Raf ads approval time Period

Hi, Rightnow im using DirectPublisher for my app. But roku not running ads on my app(it have morethan 20k users and 10th month now). So now i want to move to SDK app with Brightscript .Im integrating RAF ads in it. How much time roku will take to put ads on my app and setting daily ad reports for sdk based apps?

Thank you
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Roku Guru

Re: Raf ads approval time Period

Typically only a few days if I recall. Why are they not running ads on your DP channel?  Did they never respond to you?

I would just look for another Ad Agency, There's another thread recommending Barons, which I recently switched over to. Maybe Roku's getting rid of RAF or putting it on hold & not taking on new channels. I did get set up & was running ads, went about a year & still haven't gotten any payment. I don't think it's a DP thing. more like an RAF issue & switching to SDK might keep you in the same situation.
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