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Need help with JSON feed / screen of death

Would someone with a working development area verify my JSON feed is set up correctly? My direct publisher feed status states that it is correct, however the development channel only shows the about and search icons. I have brought up this issue with partner success a month ago and so far no response. Here is the JSON feed - It only contains one video for testing. Our old SDK channel is being removed on the 22nd of August and I would really like to get this taken care of soon. Thank you!

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Roku Guru

Re: Need help with JSON feed / screen of death

Your feed file validates correctly.  However, I noticed that you have a single tag defined for the one content item in your feed and you have not defined any Categories.  You should make sure that the Developers Portal Categories page is not set to "From feed" and you have defined one or more Categories that specify the tag you've defined: "community".  "From feed" implies that you have defined the channel categories within the feed file.  In my opinion, "From feed" is the best way to define channel categories.

Additionally, you should use an extension of ".json" for your feed file.

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