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Level 7

Implementing Roku test ads?

More questions from a novice---Roku documentation reads like this:

  1. In the Ad Server URL field, enter the URL of the ad server to be used to fulfill ads.

If you do not have an ad server yet, but want to test the ad implementation your Direct Publisher channel, you can use the following test ad servers:

To test your ad server outside your Direct Publisher channel, you can use the Roku Stream Tester and companion channel.


If someone has the time or cares to--what steps do I need to follow to put one of these test ads into the form where its looking for an ad server URL on the monetization page of my channel in order to test ad breaks?  Appreciate any assistance.  Slow going to get responses from Roku.

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Level 13

Re: Implementing Roku test ads?

Not sure exactly what you're asking but I would suggest putting the 'Test url' into the Monetization field where it says 'Ad Serve URL'.


Really I'm not sure it accomplishes much as its only a demo ad server url I would think. Also its probably 3 or 4 years old and wouldn't surprise me if Roku dropped support of it for some reason or another. So it may not even work at that, causing some error or something.

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Level 7

Re: Implementing Roku test ads?

Yes, I am trying to make sure ads will play in my adbreaks in a json.

Guessing Roku's docs are outdated too.

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Level 13

Re: Implementing Roku test ads?

Keep in mind, defining an 'adBreak' doesn't mean you will see an actual ad.  Ad servers may not have an available ad when your feed requests it.

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Level 8

Re: Implementing Roku test ads?

I am not sure you have this figured out yet, but someone else asked something similar here:


Not sure if it works, but thought I would share.

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Level 10

Re: Implementing Roku test ads?

Hi @mmattcam ,

You can use our VAST link to test ads with your Roku channel:[ifa]=ROKU_ADS_TRACKING_ID&device[dnt]=ROKU_ADS_LIMIT_TRACKIN...


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