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How to get Contenttype ID?

I want to create a Direct Publisher channel. I tried adding a channel using Roku sample feed JSON. But I got an error saying unable to download feed from URL(I've uploaded the JSON feed on our website).

Also I'm not very clear on how to obtain the video ID, mentioned in the sample feed JSON in bold red belwo. Is there a way to generate this ID? Please clarify.

	"providerName": "Roku Direct Publisher Sample Feed",
	"language": "en-US",
	"lastUpdated": "2020-03-06T00:12:32.125Z",
	"shortFormVideos": [{
		"id": "decbe34b64ea4ca281dc09997d0f23fd",
		"title": "Live Gaming",


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Roku Guru

Re: How to get Contenttype ID?

The content id is any string you want to use.  The only requirement is that it must be unique within the feed file.

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