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Reel Rookie

How to Customize the UI of a Direct Publisher Channel

I've created a DP Channel, but the UI is kind of blah. 

I'm familiar with SceneGraph and Brightscript and would love it if I could customize the UI of the DP channel. I've googled, looked through the forums, asked Partner Success (which they just directed me here to the forums for some reason, they were no help at all). 

I know you can convert the DP channel to a SDK channel, but what does that even do? Just keep the current users? It would be great if they would give you the option to export the XML and Brightscript files of the native Direct Publisher Channel so that developers can tweak the UI in the XML files. 

The DP channel has all the functionality that I need including the search function, but I just want to change the look of the channel with the XML. 

If i convert to SDK, is there a package that I can download so I can go in and tweak the UI? Why is this so hard to figure out? 

Thanks in advance

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Roku Guru

Re: How to Customize the UI of a Direct Publisher Channel

Hi @zentheducky ,

There is no package to download, you will need to provide your package to upload (your custom Roku app).

Also, we do custom Roku apps, for more info, go to


OTTfeed: Lease a custom Roku SDK for $99/month go to
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