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Ad Server tag won't validate

I'm using Springserve to run my own ads on my channels.  I have a tag set up with only 1 demand source behind it.  This demand source is a test video, uploaded as a raw creative, not another tag.  This should fire an ad every time.  However, I can't save the tag in my dashboard because it won't validate.  It's very odd because I already have the tag saved and wanted to update a few macros on it.  Is there a way to get a tag validated on the backend?
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Re: Ad Server tag won't validate

Had an issue where my url worked fine, and it had "Ad Tracking ID" in it, but I took it out for a bit to test some things on the channel, then went to put it back in and it said it (now) also needed "Ads Limit Tracking" now too. Or something like that, might've been vice versa. but the url had things like "_ADS_TRACKING_ID_" in the string.

Could be something like that where Roku accepted legacy urls, but won't allow new ones going forward. Maybe try getting in touch with if you can. Just happened this week for me as well but I haven't reached out yet, debating just reverting back to RAF.
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Re: Ad Server tag won't validate

You're not alone.  I've been contacted by at least a dozen companies, and they don't know how to make a TAG for DP.
I've gone through identical trials (just like "37media" ssekrk.)
And I've contacted Roku and they did suggest that the Ad-Server use the correct perimeters.  
But other that this...I can only hope that an ad-server out there will contact me with a proper solution.
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