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"Latest News" And "Movies & TV Store" Settings Not Showing Up On Roku Ultra

I have a Roku 2, Roku Express+ and two Roku Ultras. The Ultras are the same model and all 4 players are running the latest firmware.


On the home screen settings the Roku 2, Roku Express+ and one of the Roku Ultras have options to disable the "Latest News" as well as the "Movies & TV Store" categories so you don't have to see them on the home screen.


However my second Roku Ultra does not have the options to turn those two categories off and I'm stuck with the "Latest News" on my home screen even though I don't want to see it. So why does one of my Rokus NOT have the ability to make those categories disappear in the settings but all the others do?


I really don't want to see the "Latest News" and I want to get rid of it on my second Roku Ultra but I can't because the settings simply aren't there like it should be, it's really odd.


Can someone look into this please?

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