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Rolu Streambar lip sync audio delay problems

Hello- it is December 16 and Spectrum TV app is still not available for my Roku so I will be returning it to Best Buy for a full refund, no thanks to anyone at Roku reading my posts to this customer support board.

Additionally the Streambar had really bad lip sync / audio lag issues with HDMI ARC connection.  Yes it could have been my Samsung TV processing it too, but really impossible to fix.

Maybe Roku will earn my trust after they a.) get Spectrum TV app which was falsely-advertised as being available, and b.) develop HDMI eARC version of Streambar with "lip sync auto correct" function built into eARC which my Samsung TV supports but this Streambar does not.


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Re: Rolu Streambar lip sync audio delay problems

Sorry, but on mine the box says "Channels can change" under "What you should know".  As far as I know, everyone has a clause like that.  The entertainment world is a complex mess of IP owners, aggregators, devices, etc. and no one party is ever in total control, so disputes and blackouts still happen.

Re: Rolu Streambar lip sync audio delay problems

Can anyone help me with my lip sync issues?