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Roku terrible for travel

Bought a Roku due to traveling a lot and they are absolutely trash in hotel rooms.  Routinely spend 30+ minutes trying to connect using either a laptop or cell phone, constantly jumping past the prompt asking if you are in a hotel and not giving you a chance to sign in.  Once that happens two green checks pop up indicating internet is set but go right to check connection and no internet connection.  Since hotel wifi makes you sign in again every 24 hours this is a daily thing.  Easily the most frustrating piece of technology I own

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Re: Roku terrible for travel

Can't say I've had the same issue. I used to travel with a 3600 Stick, and now travel with my Premiere. The occasional times I had a problem getting it connected to the hotel WiFi, I used my laptop instead of my phone or iPad and had no problem. But yes, using my iPhone or iPad I had much more difficulty making the connection.

I agree that the 24 hour re-login requirement is a pain. Marriott is better in that most properties allow you to select how many days you're staying, it and remains logged in the entire time. I was staying at one for a long term stay, and I could enter 30 days as the max before requiring a login again.


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Re: Roku terrible for travel

When I travel I dont want to be locked into my life at home.

I just deal with the horrible cable service at various places

and get into it.

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Re: Roku terrible for travel

One solution is to get a mobile/cell phone contract with unlimited data and use that to provide wifi while away - im on a sim only plan at £22/month with unlimited 5g/4G/3G tethering and data ( US$30/month inc tax) you should be able to find something similar in your country

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