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Roku Express + with composite cables

Does Roku still make the express+ with composite cables? My cable company has already cut me out because I have older tvs and all their boxes require HDMI hook ups. Now I cant find an express+ with composite cables. Roku's web store reads out of stock. Does anyone know if they still make it?

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Re: Roku Express + with composite cables

No one from Roku has ever commented officially, but the last model that had composite outputs was the 2018 Express+.  The belief is they will never be back in stock.

You can get HDMI to composite converters like this:

It should work with a Roku or your cable box, although people have reported mixed results and you may not be completely satisfied with a converter.  You're probably better off investing the money in a new TV.

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Re: Roku Express + with composite cables

How old are your TVs?   This one in the YouTube video is really old and the guy makes a modern Roku work on it.   I've seen a few other YouTubes that managed to hook a HDMI Roku to a TV that only has cable input, too.     I have that exact 2018 Express+ stick hooked to a 2009 RCA TV that nobody really uses.   Just for giggles,  I bought one of those HDMI to composite adapters very cheap on eBay and hooked up a 3600 stick to to that same TV using composite inputs.  It seems like that would be acceptable, but that stick belonged to another TV so I didn't do more than that one quick test.   If you really *must* have that exact Express+, PM me and we can work out a deal if you are in the USA.    I won't mess with shipping to Canada or other countries. 

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Re: Roku Express + with composite cables

Do u still have this?


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