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Roku Express times out after inactivity.

My Roku Express times out after inactivity.  I've looked in Settings to try to extend the inactivity time constraint, but with no success.  I have a unique reason for this, I live with an elderly parent who cannot operate the system, and I need to be able to leave his preferred subscription channel on for a longer time when I'm not available to work the system for him.  Can anyone help?  Is there a way to extend that inactive time before it goes back to the home screen?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku Express times out after inactivity.


Thanks for the inquiry.

You may be experiencing the Bandwidth saver feature on your device.

From the Home page, select Settings > Network > Bandwidth Saver > Off to see if that resolves your issue.

For more information about the Bandwidth saver feature, visit our Support page here: How do I use Bandwidth Saver to avoid going over my internet data cap?


Danny R.
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Re: Roku Express times out after inactivity.

Same issue ..I need to leave TV on for blind husband when I am not home..he just listens to one keeps going back to main selection screen after a few hours and he cannot use it. I have the Roku Premire 4.any help would be appreciated

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Re: Roku Express times out after inactivity.

Same problem here until I just read today (11/30/20) about turning off the bandwidth saver. I was timing out on the Pluto App every 5-30 minutes even while I was watching a program, I thought, "Maybe Pluto" BUT it started doing it on every other application as well. BTW, I did notice I went to a different screen saver the past couple of weeks I'd not had before. The "Raining Rokus" (or Falling Rokus) were on where before, I'd had the horizontal city-scape. 

Before I go though, I really didn't need to "save bandwidth. I've got Spectrum at up to 200 mbps and the wifi router is like 4 feet away from the tv and Roku (dongle). That being said, have considered, getting the combo USB/Ethernet attachment to just direct wire this thing to one of my three empty router ports for more stability and a guaranteed faster connection at home. Never did it before because I'm not doing 4k just 1080p.

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Re: Roku Express times out after inactivity.

If it's an Express (as the thread implies) or any other Roku that uses a USB power adapter the USB port is only for power (or the AWR).  In fact, I believe even the Ultra which has a true USB port doesn't accept a USB Ethernet adapter, but then it already has an Ethernet port.  Only some of the TVs will accept an adapter and even with those it's very hit or miss.

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