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Roku 3 will not play Prime or Netflix content

I have been using my Roku 3 to watch Netflix and Prime, no problem. Just this week it all went kablooey. When I go to Netflix I can see all the categories, scroll through category options, choose something. But when I pick something to watch it loads slowly and then says it’s having trouble playing the title at this time. Can’t watch anything at all. In Prime, so far the only thing that will load is Downton Abbey - everything else gets an error message.

So I figure it has to be the Roku. Network/wifi connections are fine (again, I can open the apps, check my account, etc, I just can’t play content), my account info is correct. I unplugged, replugged, did a factory-reset on the Roku, all with the same result. Can’t watch anything except Downton Abbey. Can anyone help?

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Re: Roku 3 will not play Prime or Netflix content

@MJG  Thanks for the note here. Have you tried restarting your wireless modem and router, as well as your Roku device again by disconnecting the power to both for a few minutes, then plugging them back in? The type of issue you described typically relates to a network connection issue. 

You might also try removing any affected channel from the Roku home screen by navigating to the channel tile, and pressing the * key and choosing 'Remove channel'. After removing the channel, be sure to restart your player from Settings>System>System restart. Once your player starts up again, go to 'Streaming channels' on the Roku home screen and add the channel back once more. 

Let us know how it goes from there! 





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