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Level 8

Re: Pornographic Screensavers/Wallpapers

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Fair enough.   Out of curiosity, why did you label me a "pervert" for asserting that women in bikinis is not pornography?   I get (and respect) that you want to shield your children, but deeming something you can see on any beach as pornographic is beyond prudish.  Discussion over.

Level 7

Re: Pornographic Screensavers/Wallpapers

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Ah yes, the no true Scotsman fallacy. Because accepting that people could have a different view of things than you and still not be wrong is hard for some people. It's so much easier just to arrogantly assume that you know better than everybody else.

By the way, I'm also a Christian and I also don't consider them pornographic. But please go ahead and tell me how I'm not a Christian for having the audacity to have a different opinion than you on things.

Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Pornographic Screensavers/Wallpapers

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts.

As a reminder of the Community Guidelines when posting in the Community:

Be kind, courteous, and positive when posting. The Community exists to help users. Posting abusive, obscene, harassing, hostile, defamatory, offensive, tortious, argumentative, inappropriate or otherwise objectionable content may result in loss of access to the Community. Roku reserves the right to remove any content at its discretion. 

To avoid further discussion not related to this thread, I will be closing out this thread.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator