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Level 7

Korean characters not rendering/displaying

Not too long ago I started using my Roku Premier+ again.

Using either the built-in Roku Media Player or Plex, Roku was able to display titles, informations, etc... all in Korean perfectly.

Since the Roku wasn't updated in long time, I ran the update, restarted...

Now Roku is not able to display any Korean characters, it is either random squares or mostly just blank spaces now.

Now, non of my video titles and information are being shown.


Roku decided to remove Korean support? or one of the updates broke and doesn't care to fix it?

Sent a email support to Roku many weeks ago, never received any level of reply.


(just to make sure it isn't a issue with my Plex server, I have texted with a Windows PC, Android phones and Android TV.   All is working and displaying texts properly.)

Level 7

Re: Korean characters not rendering/displaying

Has this been addressed at all?  I started using ROKU again after couple years and Korean characters are completely broken.

Level 7

Re: Korean characters not rendering/displaying

see i knew i wasn't crazy and korean text did display properly before.  but all broke after some updates.

Sorry but I do not know the answer to your question as I got fed up and sold my Roku and went android/google TV route.