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Disconnecting USB drive from Ultra causes media sharing to be disabled on my desktop

I have a Roku Ultra.  I frequently use the Roku Media Player app to connect to the media "library" on my Windows-10 desktop via UPnP over my wireless network.  I also occasionally plug a portable USB drive containing media files into the Ultra.  The reason I bought an Ultra was because of its USB capability.

The problem is disconnecting the USB drive.  Whenever I unplug it, I find that the "media sharing" feature on my desktop has been turned off and my library is now invisible to the Roku and other devices set to access it through UPnP.  I have to go back into my Windows network manager and turn that feature back on.  Apparently, my Roku is causing settings to change on my computer, and that is very, very uncool.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it?  Can someone tell me the proper procedure for disconnecting or dismounting a USB drive connected to an Ultra?  I never intended to connect a particular drive for any length of time.  I have several I might want to connect or disconnect at any time.

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