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Country Code is set to nil

When using Vudu I get a message something like - Country code USA, your code nil.

I have rebooted the Roku.  I have deleted and readded Vudu app.  I have gone to another Roku device on my account and I get the same results.  Apple TV with Vudu on the same network is fine.  I called Vudu and and after an hour on the phone they said it is a manufacture (i.e. Roku) problem.

The Roku account has been open for at least five years and we use Vudu at least a couple times a week, until this issue developed this week.  It seems Roku support are the only ones that can reset my country code from nil to USA.  Any suggests?

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Re: Country Code is set to nil

When you removed it and added it again did you reboot/restart the Roku in between the removal and add?  If not, you didn't accomplish anything.  The only other suggestion is a factory reset which will require signing into any channels/apps that you've subscribed to directly (not through Roku; those subscriptions will be automatically restored).

I have some doubt that a factory reset will accomplish anything since it's happening on multiple Rokus.  It does sound like something about your account is screwed up.  You could factory reset, create a new Roku account, and link to that, but if you're paying for any subscriptions through Roku then I think that would be a bad idea.


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