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Best Roku Product Selection to Replace DirecTV with Inputs into AV Receiver Before TV

I'm thinking of getting rid of DirecTV which is currently running through my Denon AVR-S710W before going to my Samsung TV UN60J6300 (made in 2015, not 4K); I'd like to replace with YouTubeTV.  Also, the streaming services I subscribe to are Netflix and Amazon Prime; those currently don't go through my AVR--I select them on my TV (I realize I'm missing out on the best audio quality for these since the audio is coming from the TV rather than the surround sound speakers).  I'm looking at the Roku Ultra to be the streaming service "consolidator" where I can use it to select YouTubeTV, Netflix and Prime.  But I'd also like to have the Roku device go through my receiver, then to my TV like now happens with my DirecTV receiver.  So my questions are, is the Roku Ultra the right product to do this (is the newest model the best choice?), and if so, for the setup, is it as simple as running the Ultra's HDMI output into the AVR's HDMI input currently used by the DirecTV output, then leaving the existing HDMI cable from the AVR to the TV alone?  Thanks for your help.

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