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3D plex Benq Doesnt work because roku thinks it's smarter

Why can't I watch a 3d movie on my **bleep** Roku. The projector has to be in 1080p for 3d . Even if I set plex , my receiver to only allow 1080p roku put it out in 2160 and I can't change it . Ps4 no problem changes the settings to 1080 put on the movie switch to 3d . Seems like a silly issue , why does the Roku box override every other component. **bleep** when I turn on my ps4 after I changed settings on plex and or receiver It automatically will only go to 1080 because of the settings , it doesn't think it can just override all my other stuff .

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Re: 3D plex Benq Doesnt work because roku thinks it's smarter

+1 to Roku 3D play back.  I am a long-time Plex user and I very recently switched from Apple TV to Roku as my default Plex cleint and love the experience.

I have a 3D-capable TV (Panasonic) and 3D-capable blu-ray home cinema (Samsung).  When I want to watch any 3D content I've riped I have to switch to the Samsung Plex client (best experience) or Apple TV Plex client (second best) or the Panasonic TV Plex client (third best).  Of those, the Samsung switches the TV to 3D mode whereas I have to do it physically with the others.

I just bought the Roku Premiere as a test.  I am happy to go to the Roku Ultra (mainly for the ethernet port), although I have been pleasantly surprised by the Premiere's wireless signal.  My question for the Roku peeps: does any existing Roku model support the passing of 3D content to my TV, or are there plans for any future Roku model to do so?  I'd buy it as soon as it's available.  I'm in the UK (for what that's worth).

Nothing useful comes up when I seach on here for "3D".