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with angry birds gone, any use of game remote?

Any channels left using the game remote? And more to the real point, any chance we can get a handle on multiple remotes or accelerometer functions in brightscript now? Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy

Could be some cool GUI uses for it, as well as obviously opening up some really great new (fun) options for games.

so much potential available, so close, sitting there unused, but it's like:
♦MiniGolf♦HangMan♦Brain Puck♦Retro Tennis♦BORK♦FLIP♦Pathogen♦Pathogen 2♦Shut the Box♦Birdie♦Logic♦Dots♦Pool♦küglo♦Bubble Wrap♦Trivia Channel♦Mancala♦Air Hockey♦Weather♦CAMERA♦Your Photos Screensaver♦Desert Beauty Screensaver♦Wild Lakes Screensaver♦
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Re: with angry birds gone, any use of game remote?

I hate to ask because it probably goes into politics, but why isn't it available?

I just always kind of scratch my head about why something that requires very little maintenance and stands only to generate revenue would be removed. There should be a term for it like, "Flappy Bird Fever". It's an ongoing problem in the 2014 App world as a whole.
THQ goes under, so they pull everything from the ipad.
Game with multi-colored turtles named after renaissance artists gets bought-out by viacom, so they pull the Xbox reboot of the classic game.

The list goes on, and on, and on. And here I am going, "Shut up and take my money!" with no one listening.


I always like RF as a responsive signal. Works under blankets on cold evenings. You can hide the box. The fact that there's an accelerometer there is just gravy.
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Re: with angry birds gone, any use of game remote?

It's always a matter of rights.

Can't tell for sure for Angry Birds on Roku, but probably the Angry Birds license Roku had has expired, and they didn't renew the license so the app was deleted from the network.
Same goes for any game; a developer will license a distributor to 'use' the program with their devices, or even as a marketing tool. The license has a beginning and an end, and both parties can terminate it. The same model applies to music and movies business.

If a game developer goes down, who owns the rights to the games they created? If the title doesn't get sold to another company, it is simple taken down.

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