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what is mm_icon_focus_fhd ?

what is  mm_icon_focus_*  and mm_icon_side_* ? What is the use of focus and side in manifest?
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Re: what is mm_icon_focus_fhd ?

My understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) is that these entries serve the following purposes:
The "mm_icon_focus_" images are used as fallbacks; if the device is unable to connect to the roku ecosystem to load channel images (due to network being off, for example) it will use these images as fallback on the Home screen.
On some very old legacy devices, the Home screen still displays a horizontal listing of channels and the side image is used for these devices, probably only in the same situation (if the device can't connect to roku servers).

However in normal use these images would come from the channel image uploaded with the channel package on the developer site and the ones included in the package will rarely, if ever, be seen.
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