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Roku Guru

videoplayer master channel question


I'm looking over the videoplayer master channel sample to see if it will help me migrate my channels to scenegraph. I must be overlooking it...trying to see if the xml code used in the sample matches my xml from sdk1. Which xml are they referring to in their "package"? Been working on ROKU channel content all day so I might just be overlooking what is right in front of me. I have a categories.xml and xml for each category on my original channel build. Trying to see if it is compatible with the new scenegraph version. 

Here is what it says on the example: "if the structure of your XML feed matches the VideoPlayer sample feed, there are no other changes that need to be made!"

Can someone tell me what structure they used? I don't see it in the sample package.
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Roku Guru

Re: videoplayer master channel question

Whoops, never mind I found it and my xml is working except I can't figure out why what is showing on the TV is out of order ie: my list of category leafs in the XML is not the same order as displayed on the screen.
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