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Roku Guru

video node setting header is not working

I have a stream with widevine drm, i am doing the following (pseudo code):
drmParams = {
"keySystem": "widevine",
"licenseServerURL": ""
ContentNode_object.streamformat = "dash"
ContentNode_object.url = "https://mydashmanifest.mpd?asdas"

'setting header and drm params
ContentNode_object.HttpHeaders = ["mydata:licensekey"]
ContentNode_object.drmParams = drmParams = ContentNode_object

I get the following error:
inside video state: error
inside video errorCode: -6
inside video errorMsg: ignored

I see that the license server is not getting the headers.
Any ideas?
Gokul M
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Binge Watcher

Re: video node setting header is not working

You need to call"headername", "header value") instead
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Roku Guru

Re: video node setting header is not working

this is what worked for me:
hvideo = CreateObject("roHttpAgent")
vheaders = {"h1":"value"}

and before setting the content ' settting headers
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Re: video node setting header is not working

Hi gomad, 

I have implemented like as yours . but i am still not able to play with DRM encrypted content. 

can you help me out where i am stuck.

following are the errors i am getting: Protected content license error. decoder: pump: DRM exception: decrypt error: DRM failed:extra:clip_id: 0


following are the code for it:

vidContent = CreateObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")

drmParams = {
keySystem: "Widevine"
vidContent.streamformat = "dash"
vidContent.drmParams = drmParams

httpAgent = CreateObject("roHttpAgent")
httpAgent.AddHeader("X-Roku-Reserved-Dev-Id", "")
"customdata":"PD94bWwgdmVyc2lvbj0....."    ' 64 bit encoded key string passing in header
httpAgent.setheaders(headers) = false = vidContent = "play"
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Reel Rookie

Re: video node setting header is not working

You could simply do that by setting
videoNode.httpHeaders = headersKeyValueMapObject

These headers are passed in requests made by the player.

If you want custom headers only to be passed in the DRM request, the new drmHttpAgent available from. 9.3 will do the purpose.

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