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v4.3 developer happenings

A few announcements....

1) The v4.3 documentation is live in wiki form: ... umentation
2) The source examples are now hosted in a SourceForge project We encourage all developers to get involved in enhancing the examples the source now has an open source svn repository.
3) There is an update to the Brightscript Eclipse Plugin. The release notes are included in the Eclipse Plugin Guide page of the v4.3 documentation ... ugin+Guide and the update site is live.

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Re: v4.3 developer happenings

Good Start, but the info needs to be gone through for accuracy. Example Inlet encoder is no longer available. There needs to be more real world example scripts ect. Not bashing but more focus is needed on Documentation and examples to stay up to date with releases.
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Re: v4.3 developer happenings

Thanks! This has been on my wish list for a long time now.
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Re: v4.3 developer happenings

I realize this is a work in progress - the search is confusing for me though - I searched for "listscreen" and it threw this
ancestorIds:2523379 AND listscreen ?

No results found for ancestorIds:2523379 AND listscreen. Please try one of the following suggestions:

Use more general search terms
If you are filtering by space, content, last modification date or contributor, try removing or adjusting the filter

I don't see roListScreen in the component reference, but it was mentioned it was available but not documented yet.
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Re: v4.3 developer happenings

I think the ancestorids part is to limit your search to the currently selected node, but you're right.. no roListScreen in there.
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Re: v4.3 developer happenings

Yay, thanks for the heads up! - A free web app for Roku Remote Control!
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Re: v4.3 developer happenings

Ooooh, that's nice - i like!
So presumably with the wiki you can fix omissions in documentation as soon as you discover them right?
And have it as a living document that say wikipedia is.
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