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Level 8

use curl

Is it possible to use curl (or similar) to submit the .zip file to the roku? Trying to write batch file to automate some of the development work.

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Level 7

Re: use curl

Yes, check out the makefile in the videoplayer exmple; the 'install' target in this makefile uses curl to do this.
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Level 9

Re: use curl


OS: Windows7

When I run the following curl command it only uploads 80 bytes. This is the same result as if I were doing a form post with the input=file set to input=text.

curl -s -S -F "mysubmit=Install" -F "archive=C:\Users\me\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\TestApp.Roku\" -F "passwd="

What I would really like to do is do an httpRequest in C# but the named input field is causing the server to respond with input field not found. Anyone get this upload to work in .NET?
Level 9

Re: use curl

nevermind. Figured this out. Needed the @ in front of the filename

curl -s -S -F "archive=@C:\Temp\" -F "mysubmit=Replace" -F "passwd="