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roVideoScreen playlist?


I have a video source that split a video into multiple segments (m3u8) ie, media-1.m3u8, media-2.m3u8, etc...
Looking at the possible content meta-data description, it seems like i can pass it a few things;
1. StreamUrls - pass it an array of stream urls
2. Streams - pass it an array of associated array

from the provided sample from ... +Meta-Data, i've tried both and it doesn't seem to work. it just hang at the video screen displaying the video title and the retrieving progress bar. the progress bar doesn't advance and it seems stuck.

If I play a single stream, it seems to work fine. Another thing i've tried is

streams = []
for each i in stacks.Items
streams.Push({URL: url + "/" + i.Id.ToStr() + "/manifest.m3u8"})
End for
Title: meta.Title
StreamFormat: "hls"
Streams: streams

from the above, the video will play BUT only the first stream. Can someone with more experience shed some light on this?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: roVideoScreen playlist?

streamURLs is deprecated, best practice is to use the streams array instead. But neither of these is for playlists, they are for defining multiple different bitrate renditions of a piece of progressive download content like mp4 videos. HLS content should always have exactly one stream defined in the content-meta-data.

For your situation, the best solution is to find a way to combine the assets on the server side into a single m3u8 manifest. If that's not an option, this thread may be useful: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=32501
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Re: roVideoScreen playlist?

perfect, this is what i was looking for.
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