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Level 7

roVideoPlayer and GetInfo() for it's events

I use roVideoPlayer to get more flexible control to it's interface, and I want also display dots as in roVideoScreen to show quality of selected stream for adaptive bitrate.

According to SDK there must be "Stream Started" event with Info field with necessary information. But this event never occurs.

And even if I try to use the event handler like this:

while true
msg = wait(interval, port)
while msg <> invalid
if type(msg) = "roVideoPlayerEvent" then
info = msg.GetInfo()
if info <> invalid
videoBitrate = info.StreamBitrate
print "Bitrate: " + Stri(videoBitrate) + "; Event: " + msg.GetType() + "; msg: " + msg.GetMessage()
end if
end if
end while
end while
There never occurs events with not invalid info field.

So, how I can to get bitrate of selected stream?
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Level 9

Re: roVideoPlayer and GetInfo() for it's events

I've confirmed we don't seem to be firing the StreamStarted event. Thanks for the bug report.

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