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roSlideShow with XML feed: how to refresh slides?

Hello. Can anyone help me to force a refresh of the images, in a roSlideShow, which come from an XML feed? I started with the DeviantArt sample, and pointed it to my own MRSS feed. My Roku displays my images from my feed, but if the feed is updated while the Roku slide show is running, it will not detect the updated feed. I have to leave the slide show and return to it to get the updated feed, thus slides.

Just to be clear, my trouble is purely related to trying to figure out how to update a running slide show, programmatically, without having to fiddle with the Roku remote at all. I cannot find an event, or figure out how to use a timer, to get the slide show to show new slides added with SlideShow.AddContent(). The docs say that SlideShow.Show() will "Display or refresh the screen after creation or state changes." Everything I tried either has absolutely no effect (without hitting the back button, then the OK button on the remote), or my code would cause the slide show to stop and return me to the Springboard screen.

, Lee
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Re: roSlideShow with XML feed: how to refresh slides?

I'm looking for the same solution. Did you ever have any luck figuring out the refresh problem?

I'm also having trouble connecting my wordpress RSS feed. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: roSlideShow with XML feed: how to refresh slides?

the show() function doesn't actually refresh the currently displayed screen, although the documentation says that it does. What happens when you do a setcontentlist() with new slides while the show is running? I would think the next slide should be from the new set?

- Joel
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