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Level 11

roScreen and screen savers?

It's been stated before (where? TBD) that when a channel is using roScreen and a screensaver is supposed to kick in, instead a black (blank) screen is shown for the screen saving duration.

Today in somewhat circuitous way i noticed this is not the case for a "classic" model (2xxx). So i wonder, what is more specifically the relation between roScreen and system screen-saver not being invoked? Like,
  • Is it that firmware version specific (fw3 vs fw5+)?

  • Or is it a question of hardware capabilities (e.g. OpenGLES vs DirectFB-only models)?
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Level 9

Re: roScreen and screen savers?

In my experience, it's a firmware 3.x vs firmware 5.x+ difference. All players with 5.x+ firmwares go to black screen for the screensaver if an roScreen is at the top of the stack.
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