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roImageCanvas drawing primitives

Is there any plan to support drawing primitives in roImageCanvas? We were testing out roImageCanvas features last night, and found that setting colors on canvas elements works for making simple boxes, but rotating them seems to cause strange artifacts, and there's no simple way to make a triangle or circle that we've come up with. We have some other ideas for how to accomplish some things we are attempting, but having access to some simple drawing primitives would be nice, such as a box, triangle and ellipse.
-- GandK Labs
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Re: roImageCanvas drawing primitives

I agree that it would be nice to have some primitives. I'd add a simple line primitive from x1,y1 to x2,y2. I guess the idea is that any heavy processing or graphics generation should be done on a server someplace. I experimented with creating some very simple GIF images on the fly under v2.5 of the SDK and it was painfully slow. Under v2.6 of the SDK what was painfully slow, but usable, turned into something unusable. The same code that took ~900ms to run under v2.5 takes 2.8 seconds :shock: under v2.6. I realize the box isn't for any kind of heavy processing, but seriously, what gives?

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