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Level 7

roEVPCipher : Am I doing something wrong?

I have to decrypt a aes-128-cbc ciphertext(encrypted json string) in my project.
I was successfully able to decrypt it using roEVPCipher but almost first 15 charcters are coming out as a garbage, rest of the data looks good.

I am able to successfully decrypt the whole string without any issues on open SSL and a .net application utility.

Wondering if anyone has any similar experience or am I missing any obvious step.

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Level 8

Re: roEVPCipher : Am I doing something wrong?

Sounds like you're using the wrong initialization vector.

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Level 7

Re: roEVPCipher : Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your quick response Mark.
My initialization vector is an empty string and I haven't use any iv in other utilities either.
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