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roCaptionRenderer: Videoplayer & mkv with embebbed srt

hello guys, ive been scratching my head with this..
ive used imagecanvas with rovideoplayer and roscreen and i cant setup the embebbed subs for a mkv.

videscreen can play the subs fine with the same media file.

I even tried to call GetSubtitleTracks() and feed the .Trackname of the roarray into ChangeSubtitleTrack()
just to crash miserably.

To my understanding changesubtitletrack only supports 608 channels or ttml text tracks but no srt embebbed into the mkv file.

i tried to setup the mkv/3 (which is my subs track) into the metadata of the file thats playing just to get an error(but no crash thankfully.).

So im starting to suspect that mkv files with embebbed srt subs can not use roCaptionRenderer

I really need the features of the custom videoplayer but if i cant get the subs to work im going to have to go back to videoscreen Smiley Sad

can anyone help? shed a little light?
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Re: roCaptionRenderer: Videoplayer & mkv with embebbed srt

bump? can anyone answer please?
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Level 7

Re: roCaptionRenderer: Videoplayer & mkv with embebbed srt

I'm running into the same issue with `ChangeSubtitleTrack(track as String)`. We can set the `SubtitleConfig.TrackName` before playback, but how does one change subtitles while the video is playing? Is there a way to change the subtitle stream during playback for MKVs with embedded SRTs? A side issue is that we do not know the trackID until playback, so we were hoping to use `ChangeSubtitleTrack()` for the initial subtitle selection too.
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Level 7

Re: roCaptionRenderer: Videoplayer & mkv with embebbed srt

I take it back. It looks like setting the subtitle track via ChangeSubtitleTrack works, it just prints an erroneous error that caused me to think it was broken.

BrightScript Debugger> ?cr.GetSubtitleTracks()
<Component: roAssociativeArray>

BrightScript Debugger> ?cr.GetSubtitleTracks()[0]
Language: eng
TrackName: mkv/3

BrightScript Debugger> cr.ChangeSubtitleTrack(cr.GetSubtitleTracks()[0].TrackName)
*** ERROR: Missing or invalid PHY: 'mkv/3'
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