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"/components/" source vs "/source/" source + passing onKeyEvent

Hello there,

I'm trying to detect when a user hits multiple keys simultaneously (like FF + RW). Is there a way to do that? *** EDIT: Looks like this isn't possible based on a thread I found, but I still need to know how to pass the event or how to access the parent object! Thanks.***

I'm confused because the onKeyEvent() is a single event under the components' source code but the main code is down below in sources/* so I'm not sure how to pass it nor where I can store/manage booleans for the "overall" object in order to detect when multiple keys are getting hit. (Everything is just a sub or function... How do I access the actual object to store a private variable, essentially?)

If that isn't possible then I still need a way to detect a chain of keypresses.

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