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"Sleep" (static snow) channel?

I was wondering if anybody had ever experimented with a "sleep" channel.

I've got an extra flatscreen I wanted to dedicate to the roku box and I want to be able to do away with the tv remote.
I obviously can't turn off the tv with the roku remote, but the tv will turn itself off after receiving a dead signal for a short period of time. I've also read about other people who have setups that will pick up inputs based on which ones have live signal.

So has anybody experimented with creating a custom roku channel that simulates a "dead" signal? I guess it would look like static, but what would it take to fool most TVs and signal switchers?
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Level 7

Re: "Sleep" (static snow) channel?

It would take the absence of a signal. There is no video "image" that would fool the display. I don't think there is anything a developer can do in Brightscript that will tell the box to cease sending a signal to the display. Although, it would be nice if the firmware had this screensaver option in "Settings."
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