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Level 11

"Add channel" does not

This is something i ran into today - adding a game counts up to 100% download progress, then it says it has been added to the end of Home
[spoiler=channel added:2dzd3sy9][/spoiler:2dzd3sy9] but... (spoiler alert!)
[spoiler=not really:2dzd3sy9][/spoiler:2dzd3sy9] (No, i am not confused - this is the correct order of screenshots)

This is on a #4200, fw 6.2.3672 (circa 9/3). To re-state: adding a particular game does a full download and "feints" install but the app is nowhere to be found afterwards (both Home screen and Channel store agree it is not installed). Repeat install "adds" it again with the same non-result. Repeat after player restart also doesn't help.

This might be an issue with that game only (seeing it has only 2, 1-star reviews) - but then how did it pass review if it's non-installable?

I suspect this is related to a bug in persist_quota that i reported over three months ago, viewtopic.php?f=34&t=87869&start=15#p496023 - so a bonus question - is there a fix for this one yet?
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