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pixel-wise manipulation to build a channel

Hi, I am new to roku dev, recently been through docs, I need to migrate a channel from html+css+js to roku, keeping the ui same,
for the sake of it, none of the inbuilt screens seem feasible, one that i think could be closest is roImageCanvas+roVideoPlayer.
I am looking for a UI where I can display multiple options ( the episode names) on the screen and allow the user to hover over them,
when a user hovers over a particular option using left/right keys, the screen should start that episode in a (small )video container on the screen of size
about 1/4th of the screen. when the user presses ok on the episode, it should go fullscreen. Could anyone help me with the approach to be used ? any help would be
Thanks in advance,
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: pixel-wise manipulation to build a channel

Your best bet would be roScreen + roVideoPlayer - roImageCanvas is generally rather sluggish and won't give you those smooth effects you get with Javascript/CSS etc. Not that you can't do a nice UI in ImageCanvas, but roScreen is generally better for this.

- Joel
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Re: pixel-wise manipulation to build a channel

Hi Joel,
I don't need the smooth effects. I just wan to display static text and image to be replaced when I press a button , and when I click ok button, the image should be replaced by videoplayer, when i again click ok button , it should go fullscreen . can this be done using roImageCanvas?
And one mor ething, is it possible to highlight some text when I press a button ?

thanx a lot Joel.
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Re: pixel-wise manipulation to build a channel

The customVideoPlayer example in the SDK uses an imagecanvas with roVideoPlayer. I believe that there is some type of menu system as well. This might give you some ideas. If what you mentioned is all you are doing then the image canvas will give you decent results. It is necessary to have a transparent rectangle over the player to expose it. This is shown in the example but not explained so you may think that you can leave it out ( I did this ) took me sometime before I realized it was needed.
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