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pagination on grid

Hi roku dev,

some of the forums talks about youtube example for pagination, there is no youtube example in sdk bundle.
Am working on the videoplayer example to integrate the grid example.
If the count goes above 50, its taking a long time to load all the items from the xml
Can you provide some code or a sample example on how to do pagination on grid style ?

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Level 9

Re: pagination on grid

I haven't had a chance to try it out, yet, but the SetContentListSubset() method appears to be what you're looking for. I'm pretty sure you'd use that to load your initial page, then call it again for additional pages based on the isListItemFocused() event's Index (i.e, load page one with items 1-20 initially, then load page two with items 21-40 when isListItemFocused() >= 15).
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