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Level 7


I'm new to Roku dev, and I have some pretty noob questions which I couldn't find direct answers to when I searched on the forum.

in the Scene Graph xml, what does "m" specifically refer to?
and what does "" refer to? the parent Scene?

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Level 9


Component Global Associative Array
All components have a global associative array designated as m. including Task node objects.
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Level 11


When a function defined in <script/> gets called, in `` it will find a pointer to the <component/> that declared it.

I was confused too (i only hope i am not anymore!). The use of "top" is a misnomer - it does not mean the Scene under which everything is attached, it's a top just from the point of view of the XML file <component/> unit. A better naming would have been "m.component" or "m.this" or "m.self" or "m.node" or "m.m" Smiley Happy. But that naming ship has sailed.
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