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isRemoteKeyPressed() not working in roPosterScreenEvent

port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
screen = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
While (true)
msg = wait(0, screen.GetMessagePort())
if msg <> invalid AND type(msg) = "roPosterScreenEvent" then
if (msg.isListFocused())
'condition goes here
else if(msg.isRemoteKeyPressed())

print "Returns the ID of the remote key which was pressed." ;msg.GetIndex()
end if
end if

when i am pressing remote key nothing will print in debug, control not goes here why ? or isRemoteKeyPressed() not working in case of posterScreenevent case.
Please help.

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Re: isRemoteKeyPressed() not working in roPosterScreenEvent

Guys if you have any idea please share.
Actually by dafault poster screen category shown as :

category1< category2

but there is no sign after category 2 (like >)
because when i pressed Right button after category 2 it jumps on category 1. So i want to catch my key index here for block my right button here or put a symbol (like >) here.
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Roku Guru

Re: isRemoteKeyPressed() not working in roPosterScreenEvent

That's how it's supposed to work. When you get to the last category you wrap around to the first category, and vice-versa.

However, if you really want to confuse your Roku users and do something different when you reach the first or last category, then try something like this:

Sub Main ()
contentList = loadContent ()
ui = CreateObject ("roPosterScreen")
p = CreateObject ("roMessagePort")
ui.SetMessagePort (p)
ui.SetListNames (getNames (contentList))
prevIndex = 0
ui.SetContentList (contentList[prevIndex].Content)
ui.Show ()
While True
msg = Wait (0, p)
If Type (msg) = "roPosterScreenEvent"
If msg.IsListFocused ()
If prevIndex = contentList.Count () - 1 And msg.GetIndex () = 0
displayMessage ("Last Index Plus 1")
ui.SetFocusedList (contentList.Count () - 1)
Else If prevIndex = 0 And msg.GetIndex () = contentList.Count () - 1
displayMessage ("Last Index Minus 1")
ui.SetFocusedList (0)
prevIndex = msg.GetIndex ()
ui.SetContentList (contentList [msg.GetIndex ()].Content)
ui.SetFocusedListItem (0)
End If
Else If msg.IsScreenClosed ()
Exit While
End If
End While
End Sub

Function loadContent () As Object
contentList = [ {Name: "< Category 1", Content: [ {ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 1, Item 1"},
{ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 1, Item 2"},
{ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 1, Item 3"},
{Name: "Category 2", Content: [ {ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 2, Item 1"},
{ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 2, Item 2"},
{ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 2, Item 3"},
{Name: "Category 3 >", Content: [ {ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 3, Item 1"},
{ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 3, Item 2"},
{ShortDescriptionLine1: "List 3, Item 3"},
Return contentList
End Function

Function getNames (contentList As Object) As Object
names = []
For Each content In contentList
names.Push (content.Name)
End For
Return names
End Function

Function displayMessage (message As String) As Void
ui = CreateObject ("roMessageDialog")
p = CreateObject ("roMessagePort")
ui.SetMessagePort (p)
ui.SetTitle (message)
ui.AddButton (0, "OK")
ui.Show ()
Wait (0, p)
ui.Close ()
End Function
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Re: isRemoteKeyPressed() not working in roPosterScreenEvent

Thanks beltown for reply.

Actually i did same , but arrow signs comes with category inside focus. How to keep these arrow signs (>)outside focus?

How we can remove or ADD these arrow signs which are coming by default with posterScreen.
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