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Level 7

import a brightscript into another brightscript

Is it possible to import a brightscript into another brightscript?

Following the example of I created a MyFile.brs inside the source folder and tried to import it into another .brs file using:

import "pkg:/source/MyFile.brs"

gives the error: "Syntax error. (compilation error & h02)".

Can you help?

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Level 21

Re: import a brightscript into another brightscript

There is no "import" in BrightScript that I'm aware of.  I tried to follow that example, but gave up quickly.  He's using some kind of package manager that I've never heard of.  The fact that he states "in you .bs file, import..." makes me think he's not importing into a BrightScript source file.  What's a ".bs" file?  BrightScript has always used .brs and I don't believe that's just a typo.