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help with roUrlTransfer object.

My ROKU app is a mash up of the registration example and the deviantart example.
Fetching the registration code from my web site works just fine, but now when I try to
fetch the rss feed, the http.GetToString() fails with a reason code of Sync-Wait interrupted.
I am still using the devian art rss URL in my prototype, so its not on my server side..
I know I am missing something simple, but I just can't find it.. below is the code and
debugger output. Any help would be appreciated

Thank You
John Gentilin

The problem code is..
print "GetPhotoListFromFeed: ";feed_url

'Original version
'print "URL output " + xml

'Second Attempt using reg code as example
'http = NewHttp(feed_url)
'http.AddParam("deviceID", sn)

'Third attempt
http = CreateObject("roUrlTransfer")

rsp = http.GetToString()
print "RSS Output " + rsp
print "Failure Reason: " + http.GetFailureReason()

if not rss.Parse(rsp) then stop

Debugger Output
------ Running ------
Checking Device Registration
device already linked, skipping registration process
running slideshow
Setup Slideshow
Display Now Playing
RSS Output
Failure Reason: Sync-wait interrupted

/tmp/plugin/HDAAAAuef1H0/pkg:/source/Slideshow.brs(81): runtime error f7: STOP

081: if not rss.Parse(rsp) then stop

Function getphotolistfromfeed(feed_url As Untyped) As Object
Function displaynowplayinglist() As Void
Function runslideshow() As Void
Function main() As Void

Local Variables:
feed_url &h54 String val:
global &h07 rotINTERFACE:ifGlobal
m &h06 bsc:roAssociativeArray, refcnt=5
http &h16 bsc:roUrlTransfer, refcnt=1
rsp &h14 String val:
rss &h16 bsc:roXMLElement, refcnt=1
pl &h30 Untyped val:Uninitialized
item &h30 Untyped val:Uninitialized
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Re: help with roUrlTransfer object.

I now see this once in a while and can't figure out why?

Did you ever figure this out?
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Roku Guru

Re: help with roUrlTransfer object.

Does anyone figure this out? or how many times takes to wait in gettostring() for finding a response. I got this same error after a only 3 second.
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